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In my practice I provide psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medication-based treatments for common conditions including anxiety disorders, stress, depression, and phase of life transitions.  I strive to provide compassionate and collaborative care to help you better function and alleviate your symptoms.  Your sessions should be a safe place to explore difficult issues, and my hope is our work together will help you recognize your personal strengths as well as identify patterns that contribute to your symptoms.  This can then lead to developing a wider range of coping skills, make more informed choices and take an active role in your life’s course, and increase your confidence and self-agency.

My approach is to treat the individual, not just their diagnosis.  Together we’ll create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and you feel confident you can work with.

Medications can be highly effective when used appropriately.  However, in my experience it is less often the case that medications alone are sufficient to achieve long-term recovery.  Therefore, treatment plans typically include some combination of psychotherapy, incorporation of healthy lifestyle choices, and if necessary and indicated a trial of psychotropic medications.

If my treatment philosophy aligns with your goals, then please take a moment to review my website for further information about my practice.  Thank you!