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First Visit

Scheduling your first visit: 

To schedule an initial evaluation, please call my office and leave a message on my confidential voicemail with your name, contact number (where I can leave a message if I can’t reach you directly), and a brief description of what has led you to seek my services.  I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.  Our initial contact will be by phone to assess whether my practice style is able to meet your needs, and if so we can schedule your first visit.

Your first visit:

Please try to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for parking.  There is 2-hour parking in front of the Queen Anne Space Building where I am located, as well as on other blocks along Queen Anne Ave N and local side streets.  Once you arrive, please enter my office waiting room and I will greet you at the appointed time.  I respect your time and try to be as punctual as possible.  It is recommended you complete the intake paperwork prior to our visit in order to allow us to spend the majority of our time focusing on your concerns and being able to answer questions you have.

Your initial consultation consists of a comprehensive history and assessment and generally lasts for 60-75 minutes.  Additional sessions may be needed to complete the evaluation.  I typically take a more active role during these visits (compared to follow-up psychotherapy visits) in order to gather the information that will be necessary to make treatment recommendations.

It is important to have a positive connection with your provider in order to get the most benefit from treatment, and our initial visits will help determine if I am a good fit for you or if you would better benefit from working with another provider and treatment approach.

What to bring to first visit:

Medical records:

If you have any pertinent psychiatric medical records for me to review, please obtain these by calling your previous or current providers and ask for your medical records. It is helpful if you know any past and current psychiatric medications, including dosages and duration of use.  Also, if you have had any medical tests done within the last year (for instance lab work, EKG), you can have the results faxed to me at (206)267-1347.  


Please download and complete the following forms and send them to me before your first visit.  The following can also be found in the Forms tab.

Insurance card:

Please bring a copy of your insurance card to your visit.