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Insurance and Payment


I am a contracted provider for Regence BlueShield and Premera Blue Cross.  I am an out of network provider on all other insurance plans.  When seeing an out of network provider, many insurance plans offer out of network benefits and reimburse some of the visit. 

Please contact your insurance provider before your first visit to obtain information about their reimbursement procedures and what charges will be your responsibility.  Some good questions to ask include:

  • What are my (out-of-network) mental health benefits?
  • What are the allowed number of visits?
  • Any dollar amount limits?
  • Deductible amount?
  • Co-insurance amount?
  • Co-pay amount?


My office will submit your claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.  If you are using out of network insurance, typically reimbursement is sent directly to you.  However some insurance companies do not allow direct reimbursement to you, in which case my office can submit the bill or we can give you the documentation needed to submit the claim yourself.  Receipts can also be provided for tax purposes.

Any fees (including co-pays, etc) are due at the time of service or unless otherwise agreed upon.  If you are using out of network insurance, you will be asked to pay the full fee at the time of the visit.

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.


Clients not using insurance pay Out of Pocket.

Initial comprehensive psychiatric evaluation $350

Medication management follow-up (15-45 minutes)- $125-$225

Psychotherapy with or without medication management (20-60 min) –  $95-$200

If you are using your insurance for which I am a contracted provider, the fee is determined by the contracted rate schedule set by your insurance company.