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Office Policies


Your medical records and your coming to see me are strictly confidential.  You must give written authorization for me to release your medical records or history to anyone.  There are exceptions including:

  • For safety reasons, if I have a reasonable belief that you are unable to care for yourself adequately, or that you are an imminent danger to yourself or others, then I have a legal and ethical duty to disclose this information.
  • If I become aware of an actual threat by you against a reasonably identifiable victim or victims, then I am required to notify the authorities and/or the identifiable, potential victim.
  • I am legally bound to report any suspected abuse of children, developmentally disabled or vulnerable/dependent adults to Child or Adult Protective Services
  • If I am ordered or subpoenaed by the court to do so


Prescriptions and appropriate refills are typically written during your appointment time.  To get your refills, please contact your pharmacy directly.  When you pick up your last refill please contact me to schedule your next appointment if you haven’t already done so.  In most cases, any further refills will be made at your next appointment or unless otherwise agreed upon.


Cancellations require at least 48 business hours notice.  Late fees are charged for missed appointments and late cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice.  Please note these late fees are not reimbursed by insurance.  Exceptions include inclement weather- if there is snow, please contact my office.